Our Work

At Energy Unlocked we are accelerating energy systems transitions by working with businesses of all sizes, understanding market-enabling conditions for new solutions to succeed, and providing processes to accelerate low carbon, resilient, renewable solutions.


We are delivering the Mayor of London’s FlexLondon Challenge programme. Because energy transitions require not only technology innovations but new market arrangements, our processes identify demand for these new arrangements, and then source, validate and accelerate solutions.

EPIC 2016

The Energy Productivity Innovation Challenge (EPIC) in 2016. We found 100 innovators with $2 trillion opportunities to transform energy systems, already attracting $770 million in investment. Read the EPIC100 report

EPIC 2017

We reached out to 200 companies, conducted 25 in-depth interviews, developed 5 'Requests for Discovery' for corporations, and analysed CDP data on over 7000 reported energy efficiency actions. See the results. 


We have been working with LO3 Energy’s Exergy project to advance the digital token that rewards and permissions energy data. With Tempus Energy we have co-founded The Flex Network, a token that pays devices to consume clean power.

WHat are the innovation priorities from innovators and early adopters in 2018?

To help define a 2-year agenda for a disrupter and early adopter community in Europe, we convened businesses, experts and government to discuss the challenges and opportunities in increasing renewable energy integration through flexibility, transactive energy, new data-driven business models and private sector innovation to drive energy system change.

The workshop was hosted by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office's Science and Innovation NetworkEnergy Unlocked and WindNODE, a 70-member German consortium representing the value chain of electricity focused on renewables integration.

The Workshop was part of Nordic Clean Energy Week, hosted in conjunction with the 3rd Mission Innovation conference and the 9th Clean Energy Ministerial.