We are creating a simple way to add and discover solutions. As existing industry leaders look for new business opportunities, and emerging companies and entrepreneurs reach new markets, we will create more global opportunities by working together


Add your solution

If you are an energy business looking for global opportunities, join the platform to show what needs you're solving in the market and access partnership opportunities, faster.


Discover solutions

If you're a corporate innovator looking for market intelligence, a chance to meet other innovators, SMEs or startups, send us a Request for Discovery (RFD) and we can facilitate connections and conversations.

As part of our EPIC 2017 work, for the first five companies that we hear from, we will match your request with global solutions -- even if they aren't yet on our platform -- informed by a global network of partners, accelerators and companies. 


what happens next

We will report back at the end of 2017 on the corporates that are getting on the innovation 'racetrack' to impact, and how they are leading by creating new demand that is accelerating the global energy transition. 

Get in touch to request a survey and set up a time to speak with us.